Unfortunately, due to conflict of interest issues, NL SUPPORT is unable to offer many of our usual services to Rewarding Success applicants. We are, however, very happy to offer the following training and feedback opportunities to all project teams in advance of the Rewarding Success deadlines.

Hacking Health - October 18, 6-8pm (Room 1M102, Medical Education Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University)

On the evening of October 18, NL SUPPORT is partnering with the Hacking Health team to co-facilitate a Hacking Health Cafe where interested applicants can network with healthcare professionals, hackers, programmers, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators" to discuss the barriers and other issues related to NL SUPPORT's identified priority areas, many of which align closely with those identified for Rewarding Success.

To find out more, or to sign up for the cafe, please see the EventBrite link:

Introduction to Business Case Development - October 26, 12-2:00 (tentative) (Room 5M101, Medical Education Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University)

Most of us already know how to put together a grant application -- background, objectives, research questions methodology -- but some competitions (such as CIHR's Rewarding Success program) focus less on traditional grant crafting skills, and more on areas that align better with business case development. 

Join us on October 26 from 12:00-2:00 for a seminar led by Dr. Tom Cooper from Memorial University's Faculty of Business Administration, where you can learn some of the skills you'll need for those grant applications that fall a little outside the bounds of traditional application processes. 

To sign up for the Seminar, see the EventBrite link:

After our Introduction to Business Case Development, we expect to liaise prospective Rewarding Success applicants with Dr. Cooper to review their Idea Briefs from a real-world perspective. 

Dr. Cooper "lectures in the areas of strategy, risk management, management consulting, and ethics/values at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research is primarily focused on the interplay between strategy and risk management. Dr. Cooper’s research has been published widely in industry and academic publications. He has won a number of awards for his research, teaching and engagement activities.

"Prior to taking his position at Memorial University, Dr. Cooper was a senior manager in PwC’s Performance Improvement Consulting practice in London, UK. He is an active facilitator with the Gardiner Centre at Memorial, a business advisor, board member, and is a Certified Management Consultant.

"Dr. Cooper is also a regular speaker to industry conferences on his research. He holds a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in business from the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick as well as a Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) and Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from Memorial University."

For more information, check out his profile.

Patient Advisory Council Meeting - November 3, 12-4pm (Room 5M101, Medical Education Centre, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial Univeristy)

NL SUPPORT is happy to provide Idea Brief applicants an opportunity to meet with our Patient Advisory Council. Our patient advisors are independant members of the community who are available to provide healthcare user perspectives to grant applicants. If you are interested in attending our Patient Advisory Council to receive feedback from one or more patients, please contact Eva Vat at or 709-864-6654 before October 20th.

Ideathon Practice Panel Review - ca. January 15-26th (tbd)

Successful Idea Brief applicants will be invited to rehearse their ideathon pitch in front of a panel of policy, pitching, and peer reviewers, including at least one patient reviewer. Once the successful applications have been announced, we will contact team PIs to arrange a time.