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NL SUPPORT – Patient-Oriented Research Training Program - 2020

The Patient-Oriented Research Training Program provides participants with a foundational understanding of Patient-Oriented Research (POR). The program consists of monthly webinars and workshops. The list below shows the training program offered by NL SUPPORT.

The training program is open to anyone with an interest in patient-oriented research: researchers, patients and families, health care professionals, policy makers, industry personnel, and graduate students. There is no cost to attend the training events, but online registration for each event is required.
Complete at least 5 of the 8 webinars and 1 face-to-face workshop and you will receive a letter of completion. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving a letter of completion for the program by sending an email to: to register for the certificate program.
Dates and presenters may change. Please keep an eye on our Eventbrite Page for up to date information.


Webinars and Workshops, 2020

Date and Location Type Topic & registration link Presenter
January 9, 12:00pm Workshop/Webinar Research Data Management (Recording, Slides) Alison Farrell, Public Services Librarian, Health Sciences Library
February 13, 12:00pm Webinar Diversity Training
(Recording, Slides)
Dr. Karen Dickson, Health Policy Analyst, Quality of Care NL
March 12, 12:00pm Webinar Patient-Oriented Research in Practice (Recording, Slides) Dr. Holly Etchegary, Patient Engagement Academic Lead, NL SUPPORT
May 28, 12:00pm Webinar Health Economics (Recording, Slides) Dr. Hai Nguyen, Health Economist & Canada Research Chair, School of Pharmacy
June 18, 12:30pm Webinar Knowledge Translation Strategies - Theatre (Register) Kate Lambert, NL SUPPORT's Knowledge Translation (KT) Lead
September 10, 12pm Webinar From Research to Policy (Register) Cheryl Etchegary, Health Policy Analyst, Quality of Care NL

SPOR Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum

This course is designed to give patients a foundational understanding of the research enterprise. It is equally intended to help equip patients, researchers and other stakeholders (i.e., health care professionals and system decision-makers) with the skills necessary to engage meaningfully in a variety of roles, including: governance, peer review or other committee work, priority-setting, and the conduct of patient-oriented research and to foster the attitudes essential to the formation and development of genuine partnerships.
The course is intended to enable participants to:
  • acquire foundational knowledge about health research to allow them to become full-fledged members of a research team;
  • build mutually beneficial partnerships for conducting patient-oriented research; and
  • work as a team to carry-out patient-oriented research and produce high-quality scientific knowledge in a given health-related field.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Patient-Oriented Research
Module 2: Fundamentals of Health Research in Canada
Module 3: Building Partnerships and Consolidating Teams

NL SUPPORT's Business of Research Series

Join NL SUPPORT and partners from across Memorial University and beyond for a series of in-person and online sessions that will help you see your research through a different lens. We aim to influence behavior change in health care through quality research involving patient engagement and knowledge translation. Along with these important components of health care research, another way that research can have an impact on the health care system is by demonstrating the economic and commercial value of that research so that it can better inform health policy.

Hear about the different avenues that you can take to make the most of your research outcomes, improve the competitiveness of your CV and funding applications, help your research grow with changing academic environments, and more!

With guest speakers from the Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office, Genesis Centre, and Faculty of Business Administration among others, we will cover topics such as:

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