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NL SUPPORT/Quality of Care NL 

Educational Funding Opportunities

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO Post-Doctoral opportunities for funding in this round.
A mandate of NL SUPPORT/Quality of Care NL is to foster an atmosphere of learning, capacity development and sustainability within patient-oriented research. Under this mandate, we will endeavor to nurture the next generation of methodologists and researchers, as well as provide career development for the current cohort of researchers and staff. To that end, NL SUPPORT/Quality of Care NL will provide support in the form of graduate student fellowships each year. 
The NL SUPPORT Educational Funding review committee is responsible for publishing a call for students at both the Master’s and Doctoral study levels; students who are presently in Master’s Programs will have an opportunity to apply for PhD funding and continue their studies in their area of interest. The review committee aims to hold a bi-annual Studentship Competition in the Spring and Fall.
The role of the review committee will be to review the applications to determine their value within patient-oriented research and to approve funding. Applications will be reviewed by the committee and a decision made by majority vote. Applicants will be informed of the committee’s decision by email (such notification will also be copied to applicants’ supervisors).



This award is open to current trainees doing translational, applied or other patient-oriented research only; no funding is available for basic science research. Graduate student applicants must be accepted as a full-time student at Memorial University before the funding can be made available. The proposed research project (thesis) to be undertaken by the student must pertain to NL SUPPORT, Quality of Care NL or Health Accord NL projects; applicants are not required to have already engaged patients in their research, but a focus on patient-oriented research including active patient engagement is a requirement. Applicants must be within the first 12 months of their Master’s program or the first 24 months of their PhD program to qualify for support.
One grant per funding call will be designated for research led by an Indigenous student and/or in partnership with an Indigenous community or communities. Please ensure you follow Memorial University’s new Policy on Research Impacting Indigenous Groups when conducting research that involves and potentially impacts Indigenous communities.

Tenure and Value of Studentship

Funding will be available to successful applicants starting in September 2022, and is valid for two years for Masters awards and three years for PhD awards. The value of this award will be up to $14,000/year (pro-rated) for Master’s students and $18,000/year (pro-rated) for PhDs. While successful candidates can hold their studentship concurrently with other awards, total funding, including other awards and baseline funding, cannot exceed these amounts, and awarded funding will be adjusted during the lifetime of the award to ensure it remains at these funding caps.
Please submit your application in an electronic format to:
NL SUPPORT/Quality of Care NL Educational Funding Application
Attn: Aimee Roebothan
Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. Newfoundland Standard Time on Friday, May 6, 2022.

Applications must be approved by the applicants’ faculty/school prior to submission. Memorial University applicants should contact their academic departments regarding internal deadlines. If you do not know who to contact in your faculty/school, please contact Aimee Roebothan for advice. Please ensure you contact your faculty/school for approval well in advance of the submission deadline. Applications that have not been approved by your faculty/school, late, or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Guidelines for Application

The application package must include the following:

  1. Complete applicant information form (available here) with supervisor’s signature

  2. Curriculum vitae (education, employment, published papers/abstracts, honors/awards)

  3. A copy of all university transcripts (undergraduate, graduate [unofficial transcripts are acceptable])

  4. Letters of reference from two individuals familiar with applicant’s research experience/potential (these can be electronically forwarded directly to e-mail addresses listed). Letter of reference forms are available here. Supervisors are not required to provide a reference letter, but a supervisor letter is considered an asset.

  5. Curriculum vitae of the applicant’s supervisor. If applicant’s supervisor has previously been named on an NL SUPPORT/Quality of Care NL (previously TPMI) Educational Funding Application, no CV is required. **In the event the student does not have a designated supervisor upon application, they must inform the education committee upon submission. The education/review committee may assist with matching students with faculty if they deem the proposal is of high quality and supervisors are prepared to accept the student.
  6. Signed copy of approval form for applicant’s department/faculty.
  7. Description of research project and training program (5 pages single-spaced, 12-point font and 2.5 cm margins) that include the following headings:
  • Project Description, including Project Title (4 pages, max.)

    • Must include:

      • Projected patient impacts

      • Planned engagement of patients as partners

      • How your project reflects patient priorities

      • Alignment with Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) mandate

  • Plans for engaging knowledge users throughout the research process
  • Considerations for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Sex and Gender-Based Analysis (EDI / SGBA) E.g. how will you remove barriers to the recruitment and full participation of individuals from underserved groups in your research project?
  • Training Program and Career Goals (1 page max.)

  • If applicable, for Indigenous community applications, please indicate if community approval has been obtained

    8. ​Details of any additional funding you may hold or is available to you, including amount of funding, source of funding, and date funding expires (see table attached to application form).

Please note:

  • We highly encourage the evaluation of patient engagement in all work funded by NL SUPPORT. Following completion of the research project, we will ask successful applicants and their supervisors to report back on patient engagement using a standard survey to outline how patients were involved in the project.
  • NL SUPPORT also encourages all successful applicants to meet with the unit’s Patient Engagement (PE) and Knowledge Translation (KT) leads throughout the duration of their project for support and guidance.

For further information or clarification on the application guidelines, please contact Aimee Roebothan at Aimee.Hand@med.mun.ca or 709-864-6432.