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Training Program in Patient-Oriented Research

Learn what differences patient-researcher partnerships can make to care and outcomes. Grow your skills to improve our healthcare system. Join our FREE Training Program! 
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The training program is open to anyone with an interest in patient-oriented research: patients and families, researchers, health care professionals, policy makers, industry personnel, and graduate students. There is no cost to attend the training events, but online registration for each event is required. Register with your email address and you will receive a link for the webinar prior to the event. 

Family physicians, clinicians, nurses, and other health professionals may use the training program to obtain credits. Please check with your individual colleges for more information. 

The training program consists of monthly webinars, face-to-face workshops and lunch & learn sessions. Join at least 5 of the 8 webinars and 1 face-to-face workshop and you will receive a certificate! You will grow your skills and knowledge in:
·         Grant writing
·         Change management
·         Health economics
·         Patient and public engagement
·         Health outcome methods
·         Health informatics
·         Knowledge translation
·         And more!

Do you have any questions? Contact Eva Vat, Training and Capacity Lead NL SUPPORT Phone: 709 864 6654 Email:

Past Events
Check out the past events:

Webinar 1: Introduction to Patient-Oriented Research

Slides: Webinar-1-Introduction-to-Patient-Oriented-Research.pdf

Webinar 2: Making the Change
Slides: Webinar-2-Making-the-Change.pdf

Webinar 3: Value for Money
Slides: Webinar-3-Value-for-Money.pdf

Webinar 4: Grant Writing With a Patient Focus
Slides: Webinar-3-Grant-Writing-With-a-Patient-Focus.pdf

Webinar 5: Partnering with Citizens in Research
Slides: Webinar-Create-Patient-Partnerships-NL-SUPPORT-and-Alies-Maybee.pdf


Webinar 6: Making an Impact!
Slides: Presentation-Making-an-Impact-16FEB17


Webinar 7: Big Data, Big Stories
Slides: NL-SUPPORT-Presentation-Webinar-7-big-data-big-stories.pdf