NL SUPPORT – Patient-Oriented Research Training Program - 2021

Webinars and Workshops, 2021

Date and Time Type Topic & registration link Presenter
January 20, 12:00pm NST Webinar Engaging with the public on whole genome sequencing in NL (Recording) Dr. Holly Etchegary, NL SUPPORT's Patient Engagement Academic Lead
February 10, 12:00pm NST Webinar Diversity Training
Dr. Karen Dickson, Health Policy Analyst, Quality of Care NL
March 26, 1:00pm NST Webinar Digital Storytelling and Theatre in Health Research and KT (Recording) Kathleen Sitter, PhD
Natalie Beausoleil, PhD
Amy Burke, MSW
April 7, 12:00pm NST Webinar Research Data Management (Recording) Alison Farrell, Public Services Librarian
May 12, 12:00pm NST Webinar Community Engagement in Indigenous Health Research (Recording) Dr. Russell Dawe and Dr. Zhuxi (Xixi) Gong
September 15, 12:00 pm NST Webinar An Introduction to Learning Health Systems (Recording, Presentation Slides) Dr. Brendan Barrett, Nominated Principal Applicant, NL SUPPORT
October 26, 12:00 pm NDT Webinar Eastern Health Diversity Project (Recording, Presentation Slides) Dr. Fern Brunger, Professor of Health Care Ethics, Centre for Bioethics and Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University
November 30, 12:00: pm NST Webinar Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research Training Overview (Recording, Presentation Slides) Julia Burt, Patient Engagement/Training and Capacity Lead, NL SUPPORT

Past Events
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